Painting what Douglas Weaver loves expresses his own bliss....

Whether it is the gaze of the Ancient Ones that seems to break all barriers of time and space or the luxurious sensation that you are feeling animal fur as you peer at the wildlife or the emotions that seemingly arise from the drama on the canvas before you, the representational art of Douglas Weaver draws you into his world. You are there.


The desire to realistically portray the drama of Life inspires his art, whether the subject is the lifeways of the American Indians or something different, such as "The Soul of Spain".


An illustrator first and foremost, he is always presenting Life-in-Progress in oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal and pen & ink.


Weaver's art has been featured in exhibitions and museums throughout the Southwest and Pacific West. It has hung in the White House during President Reagan's tenure and is in important art collections, both private and public, including the United States Navy, the United States Marines and the State of New Mexico.