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A Memorial Salute to the Veterans of The Battle of Normandy



When World War II erupted for America in 1941, Douglas Weaver as an eighteen year old in sunny California did not know that he was being inducted into the adventure and challenge of his life.  As a Combat Engineer, his tasks involved him in the Battle of Normandy and in the fight across France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and into Germany with the Allied Forces.

Later in life as an accomplished artist, what Weaver saw and experienced in The Great Crusade became these graphic war paintings that serve as his personal striving for closure and his honoring all those who served.

(Photo)  PFC. Douglas Weaver, October of 1943, At the Latin Quarter, New York, The night before embarkation to England

On D-Day, June 6, 1944, more that 156,000 Allied troops were landed on the beaches of Normandy, France.

Casualties for the entire Battle, approximately 56 days, tallied 209,000, which includes killed, wounded, missing in action and prisoners of war.

(Photo)  Somewhere in war-torn Northern France, 1944, PFC. Douglas Weaver (right) sits with a buddy atop a German Panzer tank decommissioned by nearby Allied Forces.